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2017’s best cities for Veterans to live - three in Texas At VA, we understand the challenges...
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Unchained Eagle is an autobiographical work covering Robert Certain’s experience as a combat aviator (B-52 navigator) during the Vietnam War, his shoot-down over Hanoi, his time as a prisoner of war, and his life after war as an Episcopal Priest. Written as a “spiritual journey” it chronicles the way in which the experience of combat and prison continued to effect his life, decisions, and peace of mind for many years. Click for Kindle Edition: $5.99

Spiritual Quest is a course in spiritual discipline and prayer that bases the insights of 12-step recovery groups (i.e. AA) with the structure of worship found in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. No longer in print.

Yankee Air Pirates is a fictional account of Linebacker II, the B-52 campaign against Hanoi, North Vietnam in December 1972. Written by C. K. McCusker in collaboration with Robert Certain, it has been called the Catch 22 for Vietnam. View this video of Air Pirates at the Hanoi Hilton
Deeds Publishing: $15.00
Click for Kindle Edition: $7.42

Trinity Church: A Sesquicentennial History of the Episcopal Church in Yazoo County, Mississippi This first published work was written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Episcopal Church in Yazoo City, Mississippi. No longer in print.

Unchained Eagle
Unchained Eagle
Unchained Eagle
Unchained Eagle

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