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Guest Article
First Posted by Robert Certain on Thursday Feb. 08, 2018


    Sam C. Holliday, Armiger Cromwell Center, LLC

    Warriors are needed in both War and Warfare. All warriors value action more than words, are brave and courageous. They are self-motivated risk takers who want to use force when threats are weak so that the costs in blood and treasure will be as low as possible. Warriors do not want to miss opportunities because decision makers desire compromise solutions or want to avoid taking action because of moral constraints.

    In War (conflict between the acknowledged armed forces of rival states) warriors are skilled in the use of overwhelming firepower and maneuver to achieve victory through the destruction of enemy armed forces.

    In Warfare (conflict that is neither War nor Peace but a protracted struggle between insurgents and those in authority using all means available) warriors are skilled in ideological conflict, deception, information gathering, opinion shaping, the use of knives and guns, targeted assassination, covert operations, elimination of the networks that give aid and comfort, and the creation of order and satisfaction (i.e. stability) so that no one is willing to use violence for political ends.  

    A warrior does the harder right rather than the easier wrong, and is willing to sacrifice his own life, or career, for those he considers 'we'. For him unity and combat camaraderie are cardinal virtues.

    Does America have the warriors it needs for security? Have cultural changes since the 1950s reduced the number of American warriors? 

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