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Best Places to Live

2017’s best cities for Veterans to live - three in Texas

At VA, we understand the challenges many Veterans face during their transition back to civilian life. And where they choose to live can significantly affect how well they adjust. Recent studies have compared American cities in categories ranging from economy and employment to health and quality of life, in order to determine the best cities for Veterans to live. Other, Veteran-specific indicators taken into account include housing affordability, Veteran unemployment rate and availability of VA health care facilities. Here are a few cities that top the list:

  • Austin, TX ranks as one of the most Veteran-friendly cities, with an incredibly low Veteran unemployment rate and abundant housing.
  • Plano, TX has high growth potential for Veteran-owned businesses along with a low crime rate and very low taxes.
  • Colorado Springs, CO is named among the best for quality of life; it’s a quiet city with high-quality colleges to attend and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.
  • Jacksonville, FL scores highly for its growing economy and strong connection to the military community.
  • San Antonio, TX boasts a high Veteran population with great access to VA benefits, home affordability and a low cost of living.
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